About Us



JOSEPH ERWIN- Joseph is a singer song writer born and raised in the hills of Clarkesville Ga. He grew up in a family full of musicians and quickly learned that music was in his blood and part of who he is. He is the front man for Twisted Whiskey. His soul soothing vocals combined with his energetic interaction with the audience is enough to keep anyone on their toes or on the edge of their seat! Joseph countiniuosly creates a mind blowing atmosphere and sound that makes you wanna be able to say " I was there " ! He brings that country swaggar to the stage and to our fans, making each and every person feel as if they are the only one listening. There is always a time and place in our lives that we can go back to in his music. This a true Country Boy with a passion for making sound come to life!


STEPHEN RIDGWAY- Stephen is Twisted Whiskey's co-lead guitarist and vocalist. He was born in England but moved to Tempe Arizona at a very young age. His love for music started with all the British influence in his parents' household - Beatles , The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.  Growing up in Arizona he really got his taste for Country, Rockabilly and Punk Rock. Stephen started his musical career as a bassist in several local original bands around Tempe. In 1999 he moved to Georgia where he met his wife who bought him his first Fender Telecaster and encouraged him to play again. As a result he met the guys in Twisted Whiskey and joined the band in 2010.  Stephen's playing style has become an integral part of the TW sound - from live shows to studio sessions he has the phenomenal ability to always bring awesome textured tones and groovy rhythmic style to each performance. He enjoys the brotherhood-like atmosphere of the band and says " If I could bottle the chemistry of this band I would drink it " .

GREG MERRITT- Greg is a Journeyman Guitarist from Chestnut Mountain GA. His sideman abilities have carried him across the stages of the South Eastern States. With guitar influences, Keith Urban, Brian May, Mick Ronson, Steve Stevens, Ronnie Wood, Steve Morse, etc., the tones he now creates are nothing short of extraordinary... He feels the rawness and truth of country music today is where it’s at. Greg says "My favorite spot on the planet is at Roberts Western World in Nashville". He loves to contribute to the crazy people of the night with throughout the Crowd. He Quotes Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac, “When the night is so black that the darkness cooks”, it is at this time of night that the Twisted Whiskey experience is at full sail and I love being a part of it.    

MICHAEL CRAWFORD – Michael, aka “BCM”, is Twisted Whiskey’s bass player.  Michael has been playing guitar and bass since his teenage years. Michael was born in Gainesville, Georgia and grew up in Cornelia, Georgia. Michael grew up in a musical family. His parents both played the guitar and his mother was an outstanding pianist.  Michael’s first band was a Contemporary Christian Rock Band (REAL).  He has played in numerous bands since then, most recently, as bass player for The Chattahoochee Chain Gang.  In addition to the bass, Michael is an excellent guitarist, vocalist and sound engineer.  Michael is the newest member of Twisted Whiskey, having joined them in 2014.

PATRICK HUGHES- Patrick began his music endeavor working mostly with the sound and lighting. Keyboards became part of the job description while touring with some bands in South Florida in the early 80’s. "I really enjoyed throwing some effects in during the shows and making the 3 piece sound a little bigger", Patrick says. As the demand for keys in the music scene became more mainstream, Patrick found himself doing more and more parts and even began singing background vocals, landing him a spot on stage. With his roots grounded in Classic and Southern Rock, and a touch of the 80's, his style was shaped with the sound of a Hammond B-3, giving way to playing some of today's country hits. He may be the "City Boy" of the band, but his style gives Twisted Whiskey an unforgettable country sound.


CLINT FINLEY - As a drummer Clint takes pride in laying down a solid groove while bringing energy and showmanship to the show. Being a fan of many genres of music allows Clint to be diverse and put a custom signature touch on each song he plays. Clint grew up in Cleveland GA and spent many great years drumming for his dad Steve Finley who along with Clint and his friend Roger Ward were the founding members of the band. Steve and Roger moved on but Clint stayed as the foundation of the band and continues to expand the band's efforts to entertain crowds wherever they play.